I'm here to write some words to you. Work continues well but really slow. Newly you can see screen from the in-game city but in dark shadowed version. We have a few things to reveal to you so stay tuned. 
It would not be me if I didn't leave you a little shout what's going on these days. We're not just developing a new game with code-name Project Jessica but we're also in development of brand new website which is going to be epic! 

Some more quick info for you guys.
Fizzy.com - we have moved from 6th and 7th place to 4th and 5th place in Popular Games on their website. Thank you!
SteamGifts.com - don't forget to take part in our Titan Quest giveaway for you guys.
I think every of you gamers know what the Steam is. Suddenly I have discovered a website SteamGifts.com where you can participate to have a chance to be gifted in some of the giveaways. As TrippleGaming I have decided to make one giveaway to all of our fans which you can reach by clicking the link below.

As the title says, there's a thousand of steps to be done but we keep walking carefully. Project is taking its shape and I'm very excited about that. We are so so so far away from releasing the game but still closer and closer.

I want to tell you something more about the game in regular bases. Story sheet is still in stage of preparation. I still decide what will the main character do, where he will go, what consequences will make decision you made, how will everything react etc. It's really hard process to think about and it's the hardest part of the game to make. Apart from that I have to sort out all about the rooms, about the city streets, place things I will need to use and make it really logically. 

If you have any interesting idea for the story, what you would like to see, what the main character would do, where would he go etc. feel free to use TrippleGaming contact form.

I'm planning to make 'Project Jessica' section on TrippleGaming website where you will be able to find some interesting info. Below you can see 3D model of actual living room with main character sitting on couch looking at the TV - picture is knowingly in basic RGB colours style.
I'm excited to tell you how successful are two TrippleGaming games at Fizzy.com. Games 'Fly Birdie' and 'Bring Us Christmas' are among the Popular New Games and Popular Games (you can check the screen below or check the website).

Little more about Fizzy.com
Fizzy.com is a games site owned and operated by from 3RD sense Australia Pty Ltd. More info at www.3rdsense.com. 3RD sense also makes games, including many of the games you see on Fizzy, like the Swords and Sandals series, Lightning Pool, Ghoul Academy, Diesel and Death and Hawaiian Runner, Food Fight, Exmortis 3 and more.