We are really glad to wish you all the best for Easter holiday happening right now. Spend time with your family in peace, have a great time and lots of fun. 

To give you an Easter gift we made another special giveaway for you guys. Now you can win game called Dungeons: The Dark Lord. If you have Steam account, feel free to continue to this SteamGifts website.
And to keep you updated about our projects, there are actually three of them so be sure to stay tuned and read more as soon as possible. We have so much to talk about and there is so much things planned to come.

Happy Easter once again!
As you could recognize in the main menu there's a new section called 'Merchandise'. We've decided to partnership with Zazzle and offer you an amazing merchandise you'll love right a way. You'll be able to buy some cool stuff with TrippleGaming or our games thematics. For example iPhone cases, iPad cases, Kindle cases, speakers, pillows, stickers, mugs, magnets, keychains, mousepads and so on. Feel free to access our online merchandise shop right now! We're still working on filling the shop with the most exclusive lovely looking stuff so you'll be able to see more and more in upcoming days.
I just came by to inform you that we're glad to tell you that three of our game are the top Popular at the amazing website Fizzy.com We want to thank you for all the support, you're the best. Expect something great coming!
It took us so many weeks of cooperation and stuff but we finally did it. Now you can play our game Fly Birdie on Big Fish Games' website! We're so proud that they showed interest for our game and we can be part of their family. 

Keep checking our website because there's so much to come
There's so much going on so we don't have that much time to spend working on Project Jessica. Don't worry, at least it goes, slowly but it goes and we're really pushing ourselves to the limits. We can't just work on the game, there's so many other things like school stuff, communicating with our partners, studying new techniques etc. To spread the excitement and show the love to our fans you can see a new in-game screenshot below.
It has been a busy week and we have couple of things to reveal. One of them is our recent cooperation with SpyrlGames.com. They are really nice guys and we just wanted to let you know about them and say hello. Check their website SpyrlGames.com and like them on FaceBook too.