Actually working on TrippleGaming logo which will grace top of the website and game screens. The next thing work is set to is new innovative set of headers for the website. Stay tuned!
Walkthrough videos for The Monster Run are now done and uploaded on our YouTube channel. Now the minor update of the game is about to be done.
It has been a few days I haven't written here any update. So I do so now. I still need The Monster Run Walkthrough to be finished and also, some personal stuff to be done. Right after this, I want to release minor update of The Monster Run and start works on a new game.
Today I want to announce you that my game The Monster Run has achieved more than 10,000 plays and still growing. What's more interesting is my game called Blockie Block which I made only to test possibilities of Stencyl application. This game has achieved more than 200,000 plays. Thank you!
I have already recorded and uploaded walkthrough for 11 level of The Monster Run. You can see them in YouTube only playlist. After all levels will be recorded the will be right headed into the game thru update also with other new stuff to come.
I'm actually creating some walkthrough videos for The Monster Run which will be available soon. I'm planning to add it as an update for a game.



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I'm currently thinking about new game titles, about all the elements and things. Actually, this is the part of website where I want to share all of my thoughts apart from Home page where is just like "official" info.