I have updated progress information on the Home page. Next big thing is, I have started to reveal game's title. I'm trying to work as much as I can.
Lectures and exercise lessons at the University took me my whole time of the week. Weekend is coming and I actually want to make some new progress in the game development. Don't be sad because when I had idea while I was at the University I did some sketches in my exercise book. It's actually 11 levels ready to be made in application in playable version. You can check three of them in photo. 
Today I have decided to add my first game I ever made to Games section. Game is called 'Blockie Block'. It has more than 275,000 plays worldwide and still rising. Feel free to play, comment, love and share!
Past days I was working really hard on a new game. Revealing part of the home page has changed. Now you can see actual progress of the game in percents and also information that game title is build from 9 characters which will reveal by sequel.
It was a few days since I haven't written anything new here. It was mainly because University started to eat big part of my whole day time. But don't worry, game development will continue as fast as it can.

There is good news too. I have sold license for The Monster Run game and as we know money helps to improve all technologies etc. So excited!
There was game progress added on the home page. Keep an eye on it!
New logo has been just revealed. It looks fantastic, doesn't it? Huh, now let the work on new game title begin!
Welcome these new shiny tree headers to website. They all look great, don't they? But hush, don't make a huge roar, we don't want to scary new logo which is about to come and also new game which developing is about to be announced.