Came to say hi to you all. I will check back soon...
Now I'm taking some time to regenerate myself. I already have ideas for three new games and I'm looking forward to develop them. 

I hope you're having fun playing latest game 'Fly Birdie' which is going to be added all over the Internet in these days. We will see how many plays it will get. Be sure I'll inform you about numbers.

Bless you lads.
I'm excited to tell you new game I've been working on past months was released. Game is called 'Fly Birdie' and is available through TrippleGaming website. Alright, enough words. Let's play!
Hard day full of work is behind us. I can happily say half of the levels is now done. I have also revealed next character of the game's title.
Past days were just kind of a crazy for me. All the Mathematics, Logical systems, Physics and others are taking my whole time. On the bright side I made some new levels and I also made some new sketches for levels. Everything is being developed but really slowly. I have revealed next character from game's title. Check the Home page.