It has been quiet here for a while. Now I'm adding some more excitement with second wave. 

As the title says, TrippleGaming is on FaceBook by now! Stay in touch, be ready for special events, get informed and even more... and most of all, don't forget to like, share and love!

Alright, this is the second wave but what about third wave? Keep checking and you'll get to know.
Earlier this week on Monday I told you about upcoming waves. Finally, first wave of excitement is here. 

It is Fly Birdie Walkthrough. Feel free to check the videos one by one or check just that one where are all levels in one video. So, if you got stuck in any level in past, now you can see how to pass the level. 

Be ready for Second Wave!
I had enough rest for now and I'm ready to work on and on. I'm really excited about upcoming things so keep checking TrippleGaming blog and get ready for wave number one!
It's finally one piece of weekend here. University was so tough and I'm ready to take a looong nap and feel the relief.

As the title says I was just thinking about some sort of Christmas game to be developed until 24th of December. Something really full of harmony what will keep you feel relaxed and happy. I'll see how it'll go, keep checking.

I can't forget to mention. My cousin's wedding is this weekend and I'll take a part in it. God bless!
It has been just two weeks from the day when newest game called Fly Birdie was released and it already has it's first milestone. Play stats successfully achieved 50,000 plays and still rising. Thank you!
Happy Halloween to all of you guys! :)

As I wrote few days ago I wanted to check back later so I do now. It has been really hard time in University and next week will be hard too. But you know, it's Halloween time and I have a little rest now. Feel free to play 'The Monster Run' against the scary monsters.

New York, stay strong. I wish you guys there all the best. God bless!

Actually, I'm thinking about what of my other ideas for games to develop. Keep checking blog for updates!