I want to wish you a Happy New Year 2013! Year when all your dreams will come true, everything will be great and you will have a good time. I hope you will stay focused on TrippleGaming becuase there is so much to come.
By now on I have added the option to be a sponsor of TrippleGaming and have some advantages. If you want to be a part of just check the 'Sponsorship' section.
Dear friendlies. I wish to you and all your beloved ones very merry Christmas full of happiness and peace. It's really hard to believe that another year just passed by. Thank you so so so much for all your support and I love how TrippleGaming family is growing. I hope you will remain part of this family from now on. Keep smile :)
I was just amazed by number which I saw that Gangnam Style from PSY hit on YouTube. More than 1 billion views! Good job PSY, it's amazing!

Last three days it has been very busy for me. I was studying for exam at University and doing everything to post 'Bring Us Christmas' everywhere around the Internet. I was so exhausted but when I checked the TippleGaming on FaceBook it made my day. When I saw you lot how you grow the likes it was an amazing feeling. Thank you for that!
Surpriseee everyone! It's not Christmas yet but I have decided to give you your first this year's Christmas gift today. 'Bring Us Christmas' was released today! Feel free to play, love and share :)
Text you can read in 'Games' section sounds exactly like this:
Every little kid all around the world wants to see Santa. As the Christmas Day is coming they are full of expectations and happiness. But kids, Santa has a really difficult job to deliver all the presents to all kids in the world. Would you like to help him and be a good kid? Help Santa to bring the happiest Christmas full of joy to all of us. It may be a bit tricky but never give up. You have what it takes, Bring Us Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!
It tells little something about the upcoming game but nothing more. TrippleGaming brings you a bit of excitement to these cold Winter days. Game development is actually finished by now. There is just some testing and management stuff to be done and you'll be able to play the brand new 'Bring Us Christmas' game soon. Stay tuned!
Quiet for a little while here again but not that much. New game title was revealing by the time and you can check actually revealed characters on the Home Page.

I always didn't do it when I was developing a new game but today I have decided to show you logo of upcoming title and add some more excitement. It may change by the end of development but in actual stage it looks like you can see below. What do you think?
As promised, I'm revealing to you the Third Wave. It's new Christmas game which I want to release around this Christmas Day. More information is coming soon in these cold December days. 

Isn't it so much excitement yet? I hope you got excited and can't wait to see the new game which will be a lot of fun and maybe a bit nerve wrecking too. Home page of the website was updated too. Stay in touch.
It's an amazing look when I check the number of TrippleGaming fans on FaceBook and it's still growing and growing. TrippleGaming has more than 500+ fans now. Thank you so so so much for that!

If you haven't liked us on FaceBook yet do it right now, you won't regret that. Tell your friends about TrippleGaming too and grow the community of people who fancy the great games.

As the great reward the Third Wave is coming tomorrow and I can tell you, it's going to be something big!