It would not be me if I didn't leave you a little shout what's going on these days. We're not just developing a new game with code-name Project Jessica but we're also in development of brand new website which is going to be epic! 

Some more quick info for you guys. - we have moved from 6th and 7th place to 4th and 5th place in Popular Games on their website. Thank you! - don't forget to take part in our Titan Quest giveaway for you guys.
By now on I have added the option to be a sponsor of TrippleGaming and have some advantages. If you want to be a part of just check the 'Sponsorship' section.
Last three days it has been very busy for me. I was studying for exam at University and doing everything to post 'Bring Us Christmas' everywhere around the Internet. I was so exhausted but when I checked the TippleGaming on FaceBook it made my day. When I saw you lot how you grow the likes it was an amazing feeling. Thank you for that!
Quiet for a little while here again but not that much. New game title was revealing by the time and you can check actually revealed characters on the Home Page.

I always didn't do it when I was developing a new game but today I have decided to show you logo of upcoming title and add some more excitement. It may change by the end of development but in actual stage it looks like you can see below. What do you think?
It's an amazing look when I check the number of TrippleGaming fans on FaceBook and it's still growing and growing. TrippleGaming has more than 500+ fans now. Thank you so so so much for that!

If you haven't liked us on FaceBook yet do it right now, you won't regret that. Tell your friends about TrippleGaming too and grow the community of people who fancy the great games.

As the great reward the Third Wave is coming tomorrow and I can tell you, it's going to be something big!
It has been quiet here for a while. Now I'm adding some more excitement with second wave. 

As the title says, TrippleGaming is on FaceBook by now! Stay in touch, be ready for special events, get informed and even more... and most of all, don't forget to like, share and love!

Alright, this is the second wave but what about third wave? Keep checking and you'll get to know.
I'm excited to tell you new game I've been working on past months was released. Game is called 'Fly Birdie' and is available through TrippleGaming website. Alright, enough words. Let's play!
I have updated progress information on the Home page. Next big thing is, I have started to reveal game's title. I'm trying to work as much as I can.
Past days I was working really hard on a new game. Revealing part of the home page has changed. Now you can see actual progress of the game in percents and also information that game title is build from 9 characters which will reveal by sequel.
There was game progress added on the home page. Keep an eye on it!