We're still working so hard to develop the best games for all of you beautiful players. But don't worry, our players are still among the top important keystones of what we do and we're proud of you. We still want to keep you updated and that's why I found some time to tell you something more.

As I mentioned in my last posts, there are actually three project going on. Phew. Let's describe them a little bit more and how much of the work was done.

Project Jessica
Project we're working on past three months, Project Jessica. Everything looks really good. 3D scenes are built, some of them need to be build in upcoming weeks. Game code is mostly created. But the most needed part is scenario where we have finished just about 30% and it's the first thing we need to finish to be able to continue works on this project. So we're trying to keep our minds fresh to come up with new scenario, it's like we were writing a serial or something.

Project Pixel
Project that takes us the most of the time now. We're very proud to cooperate with new amazing gaming company (we will tell you more about them as soon as possible). This game is totally breathtaking, innovative way of an online game that you'll want to play really long and to finish it because of addictive features. Basically it's the platform logic game but when you'll see and play the game, you'll see it's something much much much more than that. Fun!

Project Cube
While working on two project described above it was like a flash in our working minds and new game idea was here. Actually, this game is in point of preparation works - stuff like levels and code structure, overall graphics, sound, etc.

This all is briefly described what's going on these days, some closer look into our minds. And on top of these projects, we're trying to launch our beautiful looking merchandise to make you to be able proudly use something with our thematics everywhere you go.

Should I stop writing here? Do I still have anything to write? Bet I have! We're also preparing some surprise for all of you. 

Stay tuned, stay with us ;)


09/04/2013 12:15pm

Looooong article but nice to read all of this.

25/04/2013 9:35am

Picture got me laughing. It's great to see how you write about your projects and stuff. Keep it coming.


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