I'm excited to tell you how successful are two TrippleGaming games at Fizzy.com. Games 'Fly Birdie' and 'Bring Us Christmas' are among the Popular New Games and Popular Games (you can check the screen below or check the website).

Little more about Fizzy.com
Fizzy.com is a games site owned and operated by from 3RD sense Australia Pty Ltd. More info at www.3rdsense.com. 3RD sense also makes games, including many of the games you see on Fizzy, like the Swords and Sandals series, Lightning Pool, Ghoul Academy, Diesel and Death and Hawaiian Runner, Food Fight, Exmortis 3 and more.


01/02/2013 7:06pm

You deserve it. Congratulations!

01/02/2013 7:21pm

Thats awesome. Cant wait to see more.


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