Let's talk about project with code-name 'Project Jessica'. I've decided to reveal to you some information about the game to spread some more excitement. As said, you've never played online game like this before.

It's going to be brand new online interactive game title with so many options for you to choose. You'll be in a role of a casual guy who has to decide what to do, every step in the game you can decide what to do and that will make the story different to each one of you. Will you get drunk or drink normally, will you wake up or sleep more? No one knows - except you! Everything reflects in story continuation. And your chosen option will open you the whole amazing story which will be divided into episodes.

You can see actual in-game footage below. Isn't it nice? Be ready for more and more information with new in-game screens soon.


25/01/2013 6:11pm

This sound amazing. It'll be totally amazing, I wish to play it soon! :)

26/01/2013 11:47am

When I saw the screenshot I was like :O

27/01/2013 3:19pm



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