As the title says, there's a thousand of steps to be done but we keep walking carefully. Project is taking its shape and I'm very excited about that. We are so so so far away from releasing the game but still closer and closer.

I want to tell you something more about the game in regular bases. Story sheet is still in stage of preparation. I still decide what will the main character do, where he will go, what consequences will make decision you made, how will everything react etc. It's really hard process to think about and it's the hardest part of the game to make. Apart from that I have to sort out all about the rooms, about the city streets, place things I will need to use and make it really logically. 

If you have any interesting idea for the story, what you would like to see, what the main character would do, where would he go etc. feel free to use TrippleGaming contact form.

I'm planning to make 'Project Jessica' section on TrippleGaming website where you will be able to find some interesting info. Below you can see 3D model of actual living room with main character sitting on couch looking at the TV - picture is knowingly in basic RGB colours style.


07/02/2013 9:07pm

Beautiful to see more info.


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