Guys from LazyGuysStudio are delighted and we're delighted too. We too want to thank to all of you, the great fans who make all of this possible. Here's some more words from guys themselves.
We are delighted, excited and thrilled so much! Thanks to every each of you. You made our day not just the usual day and our faces are full of happiness.

The number of views of 'Noire' here on Desura just passed 250,000 views. To tell the truth it's much more than we ever expected and you guys, we can't even describe how thankful we are to all of you. To have a great fans it's the best gifts you can give us and you do.

To give something back to all of you - besides working on a new amazing game title we'll tell you more about very soon - because you're being awesome we decided to make a 'BIG SALE WEEK' starting tomorrow, September 30th and ending on Friday, October 4th. Sale will start at 75% OFF and will go down to 50% OFF day by day so you better hurry up if you want to get the best price tag.

Here's the schedule
Monday, September 30th - 75% OFF
Tuesday, October 1st - 70% OFF
Wednesday, October 2nd - 60% OFF
Thursday, October 3rd - 55% OFF
Friday, October 4th - 50% OFF

After this special 'SALE WEEK' we'll enter the special 'EXCITEMENT WEEKEND' because at the end of that weekend you all will start to finding out more about our upcoming game. Be ready, it all will be so cool.
I gave you my word we'll tell you something more what's actually going on and here it is. 'Project Jessica' was postponed ad infinitum so we don't know if and when we'll continue the works on this project. Don't be sad. Here's another project called 'Project Cube' which we are so much excited about. Every game what we make we're trying to make better and better. This game will be primary for Mac/Windows and yep, we're working together with LazyGuysStudio on it.
This is the post LazyGuysStudio posted on Indie DB earlier this weekend. We want to thank you too, all of our fans. You're amazing and without you it all wouldn't be possible.
First of all we want to thank you very much for all of your support. Without you, our fans, it wouldn't be possible. All of you people are just amazing and we do love you so much!

We took a little time off but we were also working on the new game too. Actually work is at full swing and we're pretty much excited about our newest project. We'll tell you more about the new game as soon as possible. Don't forget to often check our FaceBook or Twitter accounts (or both) for more.

As a thank you we'll give some free Desura copies of 'Noire' so there's one more reason to check our social network profiles where you'll find more info in upcoming days - when you'll be fast after the post will be added you'll have a huge chance to win. Good luck.

Thank you so much once again.

Take care guys.


PS: Don't forget to check special sale price for 'Noire'! It's a right time for you to own the game if you still didn't make so.

As you see in the quoted message from LazyGuysStudio there will be some more info very soon and not just that. They're giving away some free copies of 'Noire' on Desura so be sure to keep checking their FaceBook and Twitter. If you still didn't buy your copy of 'Noire' it's the best time to do so - 70% OFF!! 
And as always we finish the news with some picture. This time it's a guy who bought the GTA V.. or... well, at least he thought he did.
We have a photo to show you. We make part of our development on Windows PC because of the bigger screen connected still and here's our 'BSODs count paper'. What do you think, how many of them we'll get by the end of the development of our newest game? Actual count is at number 11.
This Wednesday, September 18, that was a long-time anticipated moment. I can't even describe how excited I was to see the Golden Master version of the new operating system. I happened to see the whole styling at the WWDC 2013 for the first time and I remember I wasn't sure about the icons but day after that I was totally cool with them and looking forward to see the whole system live in action.

When I finally got my hands on it I feel like having a brand new phone which I already know how to use and it's amazing! Total breakthrough. So that's what was going on for me this week. You guys who have iDevice(s) and have upgraded to iOS 7 what do you think?

To tell more about actual game development I can tell you I'm pretty much excited in this view too. You'll see more info coming probably as soon as this weekend. Cheers.
Nothing we’ve ever created has been designed just to look beautiful. That’s approaching the opportunity from the wrong end. Instead, as we reconsidered iOS, our purpose was to create an experience that was simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable — while building on the things people love about iOS. Ultimately, redesigning the way it works led us to redesign the way it looks. Because good design is design that’s in service of the experience.
Summer holidays passed by pretty fast and here we are again. I wanted to write some more info during past months but I just needed to take a break. Now the University starts again but don't worry. New game project called 'Project Cube' is slowly taking its shape and we really want to reveal some more info as soon as possible. 



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Phew, it was more than a month since I haven't written any message here. I'm very sorry guys. I had some personal issues but don't worry, I'm still here and there's some information to come soon. Take care.
We're very sorry we were out of touch for two weeks but we're sure you'll say to yourself ,,it was worth the wait".

We're happy and proud to announce you that our new game called 'Noire' developed in partnership with awesome LazyGuysStudio is ready to go. You can order your game for only 1,99 by clicking the link below.
Game description says - World is such a magical place where you can live greatest day or a worst nightmare - it's up to you what you choose. Pixel Man is casual guy as we all are and he needs your help to understand the world in difficult situations. This game is not designed to be hard. It will open your eyes to find the hidden message that game carries through all the chapters - understanding the real life.




Nice and easy. Check the amazing trailer for upcoming game called 'Noire' as the result of our partnership with LazyGuysStudio.
Let's get ready for these guys because they rule! That's what we can say with bunch of excitement. 

Our partnership from past months lead into finishing the best game we could ever be part of. You'll be able to hear more in upcoming weeks. Like them on FaceBook or follow them on Twitter where they're ready to put the most incredible news and updates (and little more fun on Twitter).

And also, don't forget to check their 'get ready' website at
We're still working so hard to develop the best games for all of you beautiful players. But don't worry, our players are still among the top important keystones of what we do and we're proud of you. We still want to keep you updated and that's why I found some time to tell you something more.

As I mentioned in my last posts, there are actually three project going on. Phew. Let's describe them a little bit more and how much of the work was done.

Project Jessica
Project we're working on past three months, Project Jessica. Everything looks really good. 3D scenes are built, some of them need to be build in upcoming weeks. Game code is mostly created. But the most needed part is scenario where we have finished just about 30% and it's the first thing we need to finish to be able to continue works on this project. So we're trying to keep our minds fresh to come up with new scenario, it's like we were writing a serial or something.

Project Pixel
Project that takes us the most of the time now. We're very proud to cooperate with new amazing gaming company (we will tell you more about them as soon as possible). This game is totally breathtaking, innovative way of an online game that you'll want to play really long and to finish it because of addictive features. Basically it's the platform logic game but when you'll see and play the game, you'll see it's something much much much more than that. Fun!

Project Cube
While working on two project described above it was like a flash in our working minds and new game idea was here. Actually, this game is in point of preparation works - stuff like levels and code structure, overall graphics, sound, etc.

This all is briefly described what's going on these days, some closer look into our minds. And on top of these projects, we're trying to launch our beautiful looking merchandise to make you to be able proudly use something with our thematics everywhere you go.

Should I stop writing here? Do I still have anything to write? Bet I have! We're also preparing some surprise for all of you. 

Stay tuned, stay with us ;)