I gave you my word we'll tell you something more what's actually going on and here it is. 'Project Jessica' was postponed ad infinitum so we don't know if and when we'll continue the works on this project. Don't be sad. Here's another project called 'Project Cube' which we are so much excited about. Every game what we make we're trying to make better and better. This game will be primary for Mac/Windows and yep, we're working together with LazyGuysStudio on it.
This is the post LazyGuysStudio posted on Indie DB earlier this weekend. We want to thank you too, all of our fans. You're amazing and without you it all wouldn't be possible.
First of all we want to thank you very much for all of your support. Without you, our fans, it wouldn't be possible. All of you people are just amazing and we do love you so much!

We took a little time off but we were also working on the new game too. Actually work is at full swing and we're pretty much excited about our newest project. We'll tell you more about the new game as soon as possible. Don't forget to often check our FaceBook or Twitter accounts (or both) for more.

As a thank you we'll give some free Desura copies of 'Noire' so there's one more reason to check our social network profiles where you'll find more info in upcoming days - when you'll be fast after the post will be added you'll have a huge chance to win. Good luck.

Thank you so much once again.

Take care guys.


PS: Don't forget to check special sale price for 'Noire'! It's a right time for you to own the game if you still didn't make so.

As you see in the quoted message from LazyGuysStudio there will be some more info very soon and not just that. They're giving away some free copies of 'Noire' on Desura so be sure to keep checking their FaceBook and Twitter. If you still didn't buy your copy of 'Noire' it's the best time to do so - 70% OFF!! 
And as always we finish the news with some picture. This time it's a guy who bought the GTA V.. or... well, at least he thought he did.
Summer holidays passed by pretty fast and here we are again. I wanted to write some more info during past months but I just needed to take a break. Now the University starts again but don't worry. New game project called 'Project Cube' is slowly taking its shape and we really want to reveal some more info as soon as possible. 
We're very sorry we were out of touch for two weeks but we're sure you'll say to yourself ,,it was worth the wait".

We're happy and proud to announce you that our new game called 'Noire' developed in partnership with awesome LazyGuysStudio is ready to go. You can order your game for only 1,99 by clicking the link below.
Game description says - World is such a magical place where you can live greatest day or a worst nightmare - it's up to you what you choose. Pixel Man is casual guy as we all are and he needs your help to understand the world in difficult situations. This game is not designed to be hard. It will open your eyes to find the hidden message that game carries through all the chapters - understanding the real life.




Nice and easy. Check the amazing trailer for upcoming game called 'Noire' as the result of our partnership with LazyGuysStudio.
There's so much going on so we don't have that much time to spend working on Project Jessica. Don't worry, at least it goes, slowly but it goes and we're really pushing ourselves to the limits. We can't just work on the game, there's so many other things like school stuff, communicating with our partners, studying new techniques etc. To spread the excitement and show the love to our fans you can see a new in-game screenshot below.
I'm here to write some words to you. Work continues well but really slow. Newly you can see screen from the in-game city but in dark shadowed version. We have a few things to reveal to you so stay tuned. 
As the title says, there's a thousand of steps to be done but we keep walking carefully. Project is taking its shape and I'm very excited about that. We are so so so far away from releasing the game but still closer and closer.

I want to tell you something more about the game in regular bases. Story sheet is still in stage of preparation. I still decide what will the main character do, where he will go, what consequences will make decision you made, how will everything react etc. It's really hard process to think about and it's the hardest part of the game to make. Apart from that I have to sort out all about the rooms, about the city streets, place things I will need to use and make it really logically. 

If you have any interesting idea for the story, what you would like to see, what the main character would do, where would he go etc. feel free to use TrippleGaming contact form.

I'm planning to make 'Project Jessica' section on TrippleGaming website where you will be able to find some interesting info. Below you can see 3D model of actual living room with main character sitting on couch looking at the TV - picture is knowingly in basic RGB colours style.
I'm excited to tell you how successful are two TrippleGaming games at Fizzy.com. Games 'Fly Birdie' and 'Bring Us Christmas' are among the Popular New Games and Popular Games (you can check the screen below or check the website).

Little more about Fizzy.com
Fizzy.com is a games site owned and operated by from 3RD sense Australia Pty Ltd. More info at www.3rdsense.com. 3RD sense also makes games, including many of the games you see on Fizzy, like the Swords and Sandals series, Lightning Pool, Ghoul Academy, Diesel and Death and Hawaiian Runner, Food Fight, Exmortis 3 and more.
Let's talk about project with code-name 'Project Jessica'. I've decided to reveal to you some information about the game to spread some more excitement. As said, you've never played online game like this before.

It's going to be brand new online interactive game title with so many options for you to choose. You'll be in a role of a casual guy who has to decide what to do, every step in the game you can decide what to do and that will make the story different to each one of you. Will you get drunk or drink normally, will you wake up or sleep more? No one knows - except you! Everything reflects in story continuation. And your chosen option will open you the whole amazing story which will be divided into episodes.

You can see actual in-game footage below. Isn't it nice? Be ready for more and more information with new in-game screens soon.
First New Year's post so it has to be something special. I had this idea about two months ago. All I can say is that these days I started developing absolutely new game. You have never played any online flash game of this type because there's any. This is all I can say to spread the excitement. The code-name for this project is 'Project Jessica' - Home screen updated.